Workplace Health Assessments

A workplace health assessment is sometimes a medical examination or questionnaire interview performed by an Occupational Health nurse/technician or occupational Physician.

Its main aim is to advise employers on the employee’s health, fitness to work and make recommendations on what adjustments need to be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment for that employee.

These workplace health assessments include:

  • Skin Health Check
  • Lung Function Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Blood Pressure Recording
  • Eyesight Test, including colour vision
  • Hand Arm Vibration Assessment
  • Urinalysis for diabetes or protein

Some of these tests are mandatory such as in statutory health surveillance and some are to identify health issues that might affect your colleagues’ ability to work. This is important for people who drive your vehicles, work at heights, work in confined spaces or use PPE to protect themselves from occupational hazards.

Workplace Health Assessment Services we offer, but are not restricted to:

Benefits of Workplace Health Assessments

The main aim of a health assessment is to assess whether an employee has a health condition that will put them at risk of occupational injury or disease. These assessments are generally conducted when people start employment, when a risk is identified, after an accident, or because of health and safety regulations.

Work health assessments must be carried out fairly, objectively and in accordance with equal opportunities legislation and good occupational health practice. Close attention is paid to the stage at which a health assessment is made to ensure that the process is not contrary to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

We can arrange to carry out these assessments on your premises in regular routine clinics or at an agreed location close to your worksite.

We know you require evidence that these tests have been performed regularly and what the outcomes are, so subject to GDPR and consent we will provide a report following a health declaration for a new post and report on disability or reasonable adjustments. For statutory health surveillance we will provide a Health & Safety Summary Report, which you will keep for your records. We will keep confidential professional medical records for you and maintain a register of annual or periodic screening and the results of the testing, so you can see that your safe systems of working are protecting workers from occupational illness and injury.

Workplace health assessments are helpful for the protection of workers exposed to occupational hazards such as dust, chemicals, noise, vibration tools, working at heights and driving business vehicles such as forklift tricks or HGV's. These assessments are also useful in detecting early warning signs of injury, disease or health conditions related to exposure to these hazards.

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