Expert Witness Reports

Our Expert Witness service meets the needs of claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers by providing an occupational health Nurse Expert with experience and credibility, who will conduct objective assessments and write detailed reports of a high quality giving you confidence in our expertise.

Benefits of Witness Reports

An expert witness gives expert evidence in court proceedings based on their specialist knowledge gained through education and training, qualifications and experience. The testimony of an expert witness will be such that the court can rely on their opinion about a particular fact or issue within their scope of expertise.


Under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), an expert witness must be independent and must address their expert report to the court having jurisdiction over the case (the CPR apply only to the courts in England and Wales).


Expert witnesses are sometimes needed in very many court cases, such as workplace injury expert witnesses to help the court evaluate issues, or to acquire more knowledge on the matter under review.

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