About Marie Church Cognitive Behavioural Services

At the heart of our business is Marie Church a woman who is an expert in the field of occupational health and the issues facing it, the principles and practice of occupational health, psychological medicine, trauma, mental health and workplace rehabilitation and support. She is so good at what she does we named the company after her!

Trustworthy colleagues will tell you that Marie Church has a reputation for being a hugely skilled and experienced Occupational Health Nurse. She is also a Consultant CBT Psychotherapist with 20 years’ experience treating mental health problems. Her personal interest is in helping people in challenging work roles and she specialises in work stress, burnout, trauma, PTSD, and fear of uncertainty. She has  worked for the Miliary, the Police, Counterintelligence, the Railways and Ambulance services. Marie  trained at  Goldsmith’s  University, London, and  was  awarded  an  MSc  in CBT in 2006. She also  attended  training  in New York under the direction of Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and gained an Associate Fellowship with the Albert Ellis Institute in 2009.


Marie has been a nurse for 41 years, having worked in Occupational Health (OH) for 39 years she    was successful in achieving the title ‘Queens Nurse’, from the Queen’s Nursing Institute in 2023. The title recognises her commitment to highest standards of patient care, and to learning and leadership.


She uses a comprehensive approach to helping people change dysfunctional emotions and behaviours by showing them how to become aware of and modify the beliefs and attitudes that create these unwanted states.  ”Marie and her team have proven authoritative and reliable in the provision of expert advice and she has particular strengths and expertise in the area of mental health and is one of a very rare group of practitioners who can provide a totally independent and impartial occupational/work rehabilitation opinion of high quality whilst also bringing the insight and authority that comes from being a highly effective psychotherapist and expert practitioner directly in that field”.

Marie’s work in the field of mental health, Is in particular backed up by extensive professional knowledge and credentials, as well as deep experience. She is therefore both an independent adviser in the field of occupation and counselling/ psychotherapy – and she feels that in crossing the divide between expertise in psychotherapy and occupational health practice she is in an extremely strong position to give balanced opinions which are not limited (or subject to challenge) by being simply one or the other.

With Marie’s leadership we have established a team of professionals who are particularly strong in practising and advising properly within a biopsychosocial context, and in terms of personal psychosocial influences on psychological medicine and recovery potential. Over the years Marie has developed long term relationships with occupational health nurses, physicians, technicians and administrators who practice with honesty and integrity and fully understand not just the ethics of their roles but the critical importance of confidentiality, independence and impartiality in providing opinions and advice.

Our team are hard-working, compassionate, generous, professional, dedicated and sometimes we are really just fun to know!

Our Services

We provide psychological treatment for individuals and couples in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This approach focuses on thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and actions, and teaches clients how each one can have an effect on the other. CBT is useful for dealing with a number of issues, including depression and anxiety.

For businesses, we can provide occupational health reports, vocational assessments, training, seminars and workshops.

Not sure which service you need?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will not keep you waiting with a long call queue. Your enquiry will be dealt with swiftly and we will respect your privacy, your email won’t get pushed to the bottom of a pile and we will aim to respond directly to any enquiry or put you in touch with someone else who can. We will greet your enquiry leaving a first and lasting Impression on you. For any of the services we provide you will speak to the same person for CBT, occupational health, counselling, expert witness and workplace health assessments.